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About Us

Welcome to 1idesigned.com. This was developed as a portfolio of sites I have designed using Asp and SQL to create dynamic web.

Click the Web Designs Menu and select a site to view. The sites all are designed using a SQL server as a Backend Database. All are dynamic in the way the pages are updated. Users can log in and add or modify information which will be displayed realtime on the site.

Under the menu Flash Designs are two small samples of some designs using the application Flash.

All the logos in the sites and in the Flash samples were designed using Adobe Illustrator. Some of the Rotating Banners were designed using Adobe Image Ready. Some of the Rotation is done with stored procedures and SQL.

Select the Application Designs Menu to see screen shots of information system designed using Microsoft Access Front end design, and SQL as a Backend.

More to come. I just need to collect all the stuff I have done and place it here for you to see


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